All Good

Just came back home. Long day for me again. Well, after writing my last blog, I met up with my buddy and we went for coffee infront of my place. We were chatting mainly about my boyfriend and his strange behaviour lately. I serious expected the worst might happen to my Hon. I thought he lost his mobile or something happend to him or he got cold feet and this was his way to break up a relationship. I really had no clue at all and made myself crazy about it. But don't blame me, he didn't contact me for more than 24 hours and this was the first time ever he did that. Anyhow, I tried the best to enjoy my day off and forget about private matters. My buddy and I went for a short shopping spree until suddenly my boyfriend called. I was so released to see his name on my mobile screen and his explaination why he couldn't call me. The fact was that he indeed went to his friend's place the day before and they were helping another friend to move houses. During the day he forgot his mobile phone at his friend's place and totally forgot about it until he reached his own house. He couldn't be bothered to pick it up either. So today his friend brought his mobile phone over and my boyfriend saw that I called him at least 10 times and sent him 3 SMS's. He apologized and felt so bad about it. Well, I hope that too! Because I was freaking worried and couldn't sleep at all. Ah dear, at least it went all good at the end. I bought my boyfriend a Fossil watch today. On Thursday is his birthday, but I gave it to him today. Couldn't help it. *haha* Anyway, he loves it! Exactly his style (brown wide leather band). But don't think I spoil him because he didn't call me. In fact, we talked again and I told him that I was carring for him. He didn't realize it. He thought I wouldn't mind if he doesn't call for one day without notice. WTF! Of course I care! *sigh* Well, I hope he got my message and he promised not to do it again. Tomorrow he is staying over at my place after Uni. See how it goes then. Boyfriend.... Relationships... *headache* And men say, women are hard to understand. =_=;

Peace & Nitez



20.8.07 16:58

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