Hard Kandy

Ok, what to write for my first blog on myblog.de??? Well, maybe I just start to write something about my last weekend. I can just say, it was AWESOME!!!! On Friday after work I went to my boyfriend's place to have dinner (take away pizza) and German beer. It was quite relaxing indeed after working every day in the morning. Anyhow, after dinner we decided to go clubbing. My boyfriend planned to go to Hard Kandy with few of his mates. Hard Kandy is a Hardtrance event and they had a 8th anniversary party. He so wanted to go, and I always wanted to experience a Hardtrance party in Australia. Even though I was freaking tired and lazy, I just went with him. He got changed into his "Phat pants" (seriously, I think they look ugly) and we headed to my place. Luckly I just live near by the club where the event is held. I wore trash clothes coz nobody cares here anyway. We met up with his friends and we went into the club around 11 PM. It was freaking packed already and almost everyone was wearing either a PHD (Pure Hard Dance) t-shirt or/and Phat pants. =_=; Except me of course. Anway, it was cool! All local Melbourne DJ's were playing and the music was good. Sometimes it was really hardcore trance but most of the time the music was ok for me. The club is huge and heaps of people came. The people there were super nice and friendly. I met people I didn't know before and just started talking to them in the restroom or at the dance floor. I even made contact to the event organisers. =) My boyfriend is well known in the community and he introduced me to all the people he met during his hardcore clubbing times. Geez, we stayed until 7 AM in the morning. I was freaking exhausted and I don't do drugs either. Some people pop pills like MDMA (Ecstasy) or Speed. My boyfriend unfortunately took half pill and I was freaking angry. Before I met him he popped pills in a regular basis and when we got together he promised me to stop this shit. We had a deal! That's why I was really pissed when he told me he is taking half pill on that night. Sometimes now I think, I really don't know if I should go on with him like this. He is 7 years older than me, he is nearly 30 but I can't see a bit of responsibility on him. It makes me very sad and disappointed. Moreover, after he took me home he went straight clubbing again. PHD is also a club which opens during the day time for hardcore trance raver. I actually told him not to go because he should be tired but he didn't want to listen. He said he will stay for a few hours and then go back to my place to sleep. Well, a few hours became 6 hours. He came back in the afternoon! We slept again until 9 PM. God! The whole Saturday was wasted! And on Sunday I had to work too. I felt so miserable because I drank a lot. It felt like a truck hit me. So now is Monday and I'm having a day off. My boyfriend disappeared since yesterday. He hasn't called me for a freaking whole day and I don't know where he is or how he is going. I don't want to waste my day off too, so I'm meeting now my best buddy. *sigh* I need to talk to a friend right now. I'm so confused with my own feelings and worries. I just have to go shopping today. So a beautiful and sunny day outside here in Melbourne and my boyfriend doesn't care about me.

What to do???

Peace and DON'T DO DRUGS!!!


20.8.07 07:36

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